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What can be done about Smoke and Odor Damage?

smoke damage in a bathroom


It is clearly one thing to know how smoke and soot can damage not only your properties but your general health as well, what is more, important is what you need to do next. And no matter how complex the task of smoke damage and smoke odor removal cleanup may be, here are a few suggestions on how you can simplify the process. We offer a diverse range of odor removal services.

·         For soft materials such as clothing, fabrics, and upholstery you can use a powerful vacuum to remove the soot from the affected articles. Keep in mind to use only the most powerful vacuum and to cover the cleaned-up article immediately so that it will not get re-soiled during the entire cleaning process. The first step in the process is to remove the smoke and soot.

·         For carpets, you can hire a professional carpet cleaner only after you have restored your carpet yourself. You can also rent a rotary scrubber or an extraction machine from your local tool rental shop to help you with either wet cleaning or injection cleaning of your carpet.

·         Remember that it may be necessary to wash fabrics and clothing to completely remove the soot and remove odors in your home brought about by the smoke. Try to soak the articles overnight in a solution with deodorizers before machine washing them the following day.

·         If soot has permeated through porous hard surfaces, you can use a dry chemical sponge to scrub off the soot and then spray the surfaces with a chemical cleaning solution. Make sure to dry the surface properly and well before applying any deodorizing agent. Whatever the bad smell or unpleasant smells are (pet odor) in the home EMERG-NC has a proven method to eliminate odors. Professional odor removal is a

·         For less porous hard surfaces, you can try to make some changes in the concentration of the chemical cleaning solutions you have used for cleaning porous hard surfaces.

Activated charcoal, air fresheners, air filters, and white vinegar, all have their place in the odor removal process. However, it would be best to let a IICRC-certified odor removal professional like EMERG-NC recommend specific applications as incorrect usage can hinder the soot clean-up process.

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