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Emergency Water Removal

Are you experiencing water damage? Have you or your family been the victim of some kind of water-related or flood-damaged property incident or sewage backup and you have standing water that needs to be removed? Before you even start to throw out personal effects and start removing carpets, it’s vitally important to have a clear understanding of the water removal services in your area. We are Carolinas restoration solution.

Mold Removal

More and more people have become aware of the potential health risks created when water-damaged structures are not dried out quickly and correctly. Mold may be responsible for a “sick building syndrome,” compromised indoor air quality, allergic reactions, and other health problems. Mold growth is often invisible to the naked eye and confined to crawlspaces, the interior of wall and ceiling cavities, HVAC ducting, and other inaccessible locations. EMERG+NC is a Raleigh NC premiere mold remediation expert. Don’t let health hazards go another day.

Fire & Smoke Restoration

Recovery and mitigation in fire and smoke damage situations pose their own set of unique problems that have to be overcome. The first issue is a basic cleaning and then soot and ash removal. Both soot and ash can pose a health risk from a respiratory standpoint. Once soot and ash have been removed, we begin on smoke and odor removal. This is one of the more difficult steps as the smoke odor can be tricky to remove.

Crime Scene Clean-up

Dealing with a crime at your place of business or home is hard enough without additional complications, but it becomes even more difficult dealing with the clean-up or aftermath of the incident. In most cases, emergency response personnel such as law enforcement, fire fighters, and paramedic’s will provide whatever assistance they can, but they won’t conduct the clean-up or removal of any remnants of the incident.


Biological hazards, called Bio-hazards are biological substances that pose a threat to humans or animals. This is a very broad definition, but in this context, predominately refers to large bodily fluids such as Blood, Tissue, Feces, Urine, Viruses, Sewage, and Chemicals.

Property Damage

EMERG+NC Property Rescuers is here to help as a singular solution to make sure that you get back into your home or business quickly. Most importantly, since each insurance claim phase needs to be managed, documented, justified, and reported separately to the insurance carrier you need to use a company that is licensed to handle all phases of your project as an all-in-one service provider. The reconstruction phase is called ‘Dwelling Restoration’ by insurance companies. We are experts in repairing structural damage, so whether your property was exposed to water or some other damaging event we’ve got you covered.