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Bio-hazard Removal and Clean-up

Emerg+NC provides bio-hazard removal services, including sewage backup, throughout Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Wilmington areas.

Biological hazards, more commonly called Bio-hazards are terms used to describe biological substances that can or may pose a threat to humans or animals. This is a very broad definition, but in this context, predominately refers to large bodily fluids such as:

Removal of this type of hazardous material falls under very specific rules and regulations for removal and disposal. It should only be performed by trained and correctly equipped specialists. Our staff has been through numerous training on the proper way to dispose and clean up this waste.

In many cases, crime scene clean-up also has a bio-hazard component, while there are bio-hazard situations that aren’t really covered by crime scene clean-up. A common example that we see involves a deceased person who dies of natural causes and may not be found for an extended period of time. While not a “crime scene”, situations like this require specialized training and specific equipment.

Another situation that we respond to involves a suicide where law enforcement have released the scene back to the family and/or owner. While funeral service providers deal with removal of the body, we can deal with all the necessary clean-up of all of the remaining bio-hazard waste.


We have found that these situations need to be addressed as quickly and as professionally as possible. Our goal is to remove as many remnants if the incident as rapidly as we can, while providing the family with the respect and space they deserve. We understand that the incidents are extremely difficult times for families and friends, and we have the experience to deal with bio-hazard situations in a professional and expected manner.

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