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‘WRAL 5 On Your Side’ Raleigh, NC – Turn Off The Water

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One of WRAL 5’s employees went on vacation with his family, and returned to their Raleigh NC home full of water.

The water supply line to the toilet  burst and poured water for days. Water literally flooded the entire house.  Water damage was everywhere.  All of the hardwood and carpeted floors were ruined.

Ryan Oakley an owner for Emerg+NC Property Rescuers states that he gets similar calls about three to five times a week.

“The most common things we see are the supply lines for the washing machine, ice maker supply lines, because they’re typically held on by a little plastic nut, and that’s under constant pressure,” Oakley said.

An easy fix for anyone headed out of town is to shut off the water whenever you are not going to be in your homes for an extended period of time.

Depending on the age of the home, a whole-house valve could be in a hall closet, near the water heater or just inside the crawl space. If the main valve is on the street, a special key shut off tool is generally required.

EMERG+NC Property Rescuers also recommend checking appliance supply lines such as washing making hose for corrosion and changing them every five to seven years with stainless steel braided ones, which typically cost less than $10. That’s  very in expensive compared to the cost of this type of claim which can exceed $80,000.

It’s worth noting that water damage is the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the United States.

The family spent two months in a hotel before moving back into their home. And they now say whenever they will be away for more than 24 hours, they will turn off their water.

This family were extremely satisfied customers. They even chose to personally participate the testimonial video below:

Read more at http://www.wral.com/vacation-checklist-turn-off-the-water/14051034/#lLrRYDOLsXPAZx3K.99

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