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CPL: Contractor Pollution Liability Insurance is a MUST!

Contractor Pollution Liability Insurance


WHY CPL: Fungi/Bacterial/Pollution Liability Insurance is a MUST have when HIRING a restoration company.

What is CPL? Contractor Pollution Liability Insurance is a Specialized General Liability (GL) Insurance Policy that extends the contractor’s typical liability coverage for services provided to ALSO cover the property owners in cases where errors and/or omissions related to those services results in secondary damage to the property from Pollution, Fungi (MOLD) and Bacteria becomes involved.

An example would be a tree falls on your roof. You then hire an under-insured restoration contractor who improperly repairs the roof. Then, because of the contractors error, water leaks into the dwelling and a secondary mold infestation occurs. If that contractor has the typical General Liability coverage, that GL policy WILL NOT cover the secondary mold damage! This is an extremely expensive problem to address. The contractor cant’s afford to cover the huge costs related cost of the errors and then goes out of business and YOU are left holding the bag. Does this sound like a problem for the property owner? ABSOLUTELY…


Roof Repair Leads to $1 Million Mold Claim

Read the full article: http://www.randrmagonline.com/articles/86241-roof-repair-leads-to-1-million-mold-claim-an-insurance-claim-case-study

Statistics show that 90% of all companies that market themselves as insurance claim contractors are improperly insured and consumers would find that potential errors and omissions would not be covered if they were to occur.

EMERG+NC Property Rescuers’ liability risks are covered with a blanket all-in-one contractor’s pollution liability (CPL) policy (comprehensive general, fungal, bacterial and pollution liability all-risks-covered insurance).

CPL… That’s a phrase most property owners hopefully never need to know but when disaster strikes, EMERG+NC is properly covered.


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