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Water is a very destructive element. Rotten wood, mold buildup and waste of resources are just some of its obvious effects. What you can do is be prepared for some eventualities connected with water damage like flooded basement.

A basement is an important part of the house, if your home has one, and when well-maintained can serve a number of functions. When you have a basement, it is essential to place a sump pump there. This will take care of minor water leaks. If the problem is beyond the capacity of the sump pump, calling for professional help is necessary.

If you need assistance think EMERG+NC and give us a call today!  Homeowners can do their share in salvaging their things affected by flooding. Turn off the electric and water supplies before removing items from the affected area. This will prevent further flooding if it is caused by a leak due to burst pipes. Transfer those things to a dry area and segregate them accordingly. Throw away things that are not for restoration right away.

Don’t attempt to empty a flooded basement if outside waters haven’t subsided yet. The pressure from outside flood can weaken a basement’s walls which can compromise the integrity of your home’s foundation. If the flooding is minor, you can start with water removal process right away.

Carpets, clothes, mattresses and things that are made of the same materials must be removed as soon as possible. If these items are soaked by flood waters, it would be wise to throw them out instead of attempting to restore them.


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