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9-Volt Battery Assault

taped 9 volt battery


It’s trending news that 9-volt batteries are stored and put away never to be seen until a house burns down and the evidence are remnants of a 9-volt battery, which caused the fire. 9-volt batteries have been the main culprit of many house fires in the recent years. People are not knowledgeable about the safety hazards of a 9-volt battery.  The design of the 9-volt battery features a positive and negative posts, due to this design element any object or material that is conducive to electricity may form a circuit if placed over the top of the positive and negative posts. As a result it can ignite flammable materials.
9 volt batteries with taped terminals
By taping the top end of the positive and negative post can prevent fires from starting.

Where not to store your 9-volt batteries:

  • In drawers with metal and flammable materials.
  • With other batteries, key, paper clips, and change.
  • Christmas Bins or tool boxes near steel wool.

Where to properly store your batteries:

  • Stored in original packaging until use.
  • If stored place piece of electrical tape or masking tape over the exposed post.  (pictured above)

Where to throw away your 9-volt batteries:

  • Do not throw away with other trash.
  • Some states and towns offer collection sites for hazardous household waste such as batteries.
  • Contact your city or state officials to determine the best way to dispose of these items.

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