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Health Risks Associated with Flood Waters

unhealthy flood waters


While trying to clean-up your own house during a natural disaster or internal flooding problem sounds harmless, but it actually isn’t. There are some potential health problems that aren’t that well known to the general public, but can cause some serious health problems after the flood.

Most everyone is familiar with the potential health problems associated with mold as it relates to flooding and water damage, but there are a few other nasty health concerns that you need to be aware of also. 

Amebiasis – This is actually a condition involving a parasite that enters the intestinal system. The amoeba which is usually existing within the water could enter in the intestinal system and bring about abdominal upset and dehydration. Occasionally the amoeba moves to the bloodstream, producing even more difficulties.

Cryptosporidium – Untreated water nearly always has several organisms. A few of these are safe, while some can cause major health conditions. For example, cryptosporidium, a protozoa sometimes present in floods, can deprive the body of essential nutrients. Pets and humans who unintentionally ingest water from floods could possibly get this parasite. It can reside out of water and is actually resistant against many typical cleansing methods. An intensive cleanup of the area is critical to ensure the parasite is fully removed.

Cyclospora – Cyclospora is yet another parasitic organism typically present in floods. Infected water can result in infection with the parasite, which in turn strikes the digestive track. Because the water in floods is rarely clean, it more often than not carries dangerous parasitic organisms such as these. Even when your flooding issue is localized, such as those brought on by clogged pipes or some heavy local rain, you should consider hiring professional flood cleanup providers to ensure any possible contamination has been removed.

Identifying and providing information about these parasites is not done in an attempt to scare anyone into using our service or a similar disaster recovery company, but is provided for informational purposes. It’s important that you fully understand the potential risks of trying to clean-up these types of issues on your own.

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Obviously, your best option is to allow a professionally trained, fully certified water removal company do the work as it keeps you and your family out of harms way and minimizes potential health issues that could be encountered down the road.

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