Property Damage Reconstruction

What is Property Damage reconstruction?

When properties are damaged by Fire, Water, Mold, Storms or any other potential damages that require services that exceed $30,000, a licensed general contractor is required by law  to manage the repair process.

It is for this reason that EMERG+NC is a Licensed General Contractor and is capable of offering turnkey property damage restoration, while at the same time helping the property owners navigate the complicated insurance claim process.

What is Turnkey Insurance Claim Management?

When a property damage disaster happens,  it is rarely a single phase insurance claim event.  For example, water needs to be removed and properly dried,  or soot needs to be cleaned. This is known as the ‘mitigation phase’.  This is the phase keeping the problems from turning into large, even most costly damage events .

If there is mold damage or contaminants such as asbestos or lead paint, such pollutants will need to managed so that the inhabitants of the property are not exposed to toxic dangers. This  is known as the ‘remediation phase’.   This is the phase keeping the problems from harming the inhabitants and removed from the property in a safe and professional manner.

If in the process of following the industry standards to mitigate and/or remediation above, physical damage needs to be repaired or replaced, this  is known as the ‘dwelling restoration ‘ phase.   This is the phase that returns your property to its original pre-loss condition and typically the most costly phase.

If you’ve experienced property damage due to fire, smoke, storm or water damage in Raleigh, Durham, Cary or the surrounding areas, contact Emerg+NC for help. We’ll respond in a heartbeat!


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