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Sometimes Mold Is Very Hard To Locate…

mold in crawl space


A musty or earthy smell is often a sign that there is mold. But not all molds create definitive odor. A small leak under your kitchen sink can create a big problem.

You should regularly look for signs of moisture in your home or office space. Unfortunately these signs could be hidden: the previous owner, occupant or property manager may have replaced part of cabinet or have painted over the problem.Minor or hidden water damage means that a leak has been present for a long time, even before you have become aware of it. That means that it was never been taken care of.

Small Water Leak…  Big Mold Removal Problem…

As a home or business owner you should check the plumbing behind your water heater, air conditioning system, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine or any hidden plumbing under a kitchen or bathroom sink cabinetry regularly to make sure there are no leaks.

“We use non-destructive methods to located moisture damage that leads to mold”

If you smell something musty and you can’t see it, call us to help you. Because that’s what we do.
If you think you or someone your know may be affected by a fungal infection, please seek medical assistance immediately. If you suspect that your home or place of work may be contaminated by fungal growth you should first seek the scientific expertise of a qualified and accredited Indoor Environmental Professional (a.k.a. Industrial Hygienist). Regardless, please never accept Indoor Air Quality or Surface Sampling services from a mold remediation company as it is clear conflict of interest for them to do so.

About the blogger, Kevin Oakley is the Owner of EMERG-NC Property Rescuers and an American Council Accredited Certified Residential Microbial Remediator (CRMR) and his firm is Certified by the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certified (IICRC). PPR-NC does not perform Indoor Air Quality or Surface Sampling for credibility reasons but works with only Certified Environmental Scientists that are accredited with American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and/ or are both Certified Mold Inspectors and Certified Indoor Environmental Professionals.
Please contact directly for details, please visit his website at: http://nc-property-damage.com
or call (919) EMERG-NC   (919) 36374-62 or email: kevin.oakley@emerg-nc.com

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