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Taking care of EMERG+NC business with Fire Damage Restoration.



Taking care of EMERG+NC business with Fire Damage Restoration.

Residents must be aware of their homes safety and security to be ready when unfortunate incidents happen like fire damage.

A fire disaster cannot be prevented totally, knowing what to do when the situation is already at hand can greatly minimize its effect. Don’t re-enter the premises until the fire marshal gives the go-ahead. As soon as you are allowed to do so, call for board up services to secure your home.

Not only is the fire damaged area is compromised and unsafe, covering it will also prevent weak walls or glass windows from further disintegration. After securing the area, call your insurance provider and report the situation. Give a brief description of the incident and find out the extent of your coverage.

If the electricity and water are still on, turn them off in the meantime. Separate items to be thrown away from the ones for restoration. A full assessment of the damage is needed before any restoration effort can be undertaken. Unaffected areas must also be isolated to minimize damage. The sooner the affected items or areas are treated, the higher the probability of full restoration. To prevent future disasters from happening or to prepare for a natural disaster think EMERG+NC.

Our Name Says Exactly Who We Are. 24/7 Emergency Property Damage Services. “We’ll respond in a Heartbeat”. Certified Insurance Claim Contractor – Focused on “Saving Property”, NOT Replacing!

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