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It is clearly one thing to know how smoke and soot can damage not only your properties but your general health as well, what is more important is what you need to do next. And no matter how complex the task of smoke damage cleanup...

Fire or smoke damage to property, regardless of the "size" of the fire, also requires an immediate response. Soot residue is highly acidic and can cause irreversible property damage if it is not treated as an emergency. Soot residue can cause the metal in doorknobs, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, etc., to pit or corrode. Glass in windows, mirrors, and cabinets can be etched by soot residue, causing them to look cloudy and soiled. Plastics, appliances, vinyl windows and fabrics can be discolored by soot residue.

What are the best ways to secure my property after fire related damage?

Lock and secure your property when not occupied to prevent looting. Keep in mind that alarms may malfunction if the electricity or telephone service has been interrupted.

How can I estimate the extent of the damage?

Start with a closer inspection of the property to assess the damage to the exterior. Only if determined safe, walk around the building and lot to observe and gather information. Now enter the structure. Taking extreme precautions, start from the top and document the damage.

During the holiday season, we dress our homes in their finest, using sparkling lights, scented candles, decorated wreaths, and Christmas trees adorned with treasures. Unfortunately, according to the National Fire Protection Association, Christmas trees—both real and artificial—were instrumental in an estimated 300 reported home structure fires per year since 2000.