Emergency Water Removal Services

Emergency Water Removal Services in Raleigh, Durham, and Wilmington Areas

So you or your family has been the victim of some kind of water related incident and you have standing water that needs to be removed. Before you even start to throw out personal effects and start removing carpets, it’s vitally important to have a clear understanding of the water removal services in your area. New technology and approaches to water removal offers the possibility of saving your personal items and effects such as furniture, carpet, and drywall.

How does it work? Well, for starters, time is of the essence in flooding or water damage situations as the longer the water is left standing, the more it penetrates objects and potentially contaminants them. The longer you wait to call someone like us, the less chance you have of saving your items. This cannot be stressed enough!

Water Removal Process

emergency water removal equipmentOnce the call is made, our trained staff will immediately respond to the scene and begin a full assessment of the flooding or damage. They will utilize advanced tool such as moisture sensors, penetrating or non-penetrating moisture meter, and thermo-hygrometer to accurate gauge the extent of moisture and how far it has progressed.

Next, our team begin the water removal using advanced water vacuums. These devices not only remove water, but also water based contaminants like mud and sewage. Our team can generally quickly extract large volumes of liquid from your home or office in hours rather than days. Another advantage to allowing professionals to conduct the removal is the fact that you and your family don’t risk exposure to any contaminants that might be present in the water.

Once all the standing water has been removed, we will focus on removing any liquid from the remaining areas of exposure like flooring and walls through the use of cutting edge machinery that extracts moisture from just about anything.

Our Advanced Equipment Expedites Water Removal

A certain number of people will take the approach that they can do this work themselves and save some money. In actuality, nothing could be farther than the truth. The technology and methodology that we use for water removal works 10 times as fast as typical “do it yourself” methods like a standard wet/dry vac.

However, if you still want to proceed on your own, here are a few more things to consider:

  • Mold – If you don’t get the area completely dry, you will most assuredly have the growth of mold. It carries a number of known health hazards, so are you willing to put you or your family at risk?
  • Contaminants – Depending on the source of water and it’s classification (Category I, II, or III), it may contain contaminants and bacteria that can be harmful or potentially harmful. That’s why our staff always takes precautions by using the appropriate safety gear.

In the end, you will save money, time, and possessions, by calling us as soon as possible after the incident.


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