Author: Kevin

While trying to clean-up your own house during a natural disaster or internal flooding problem sounds harmless, but it actually isn't. There are some potential health problems that aren't that well known to the general public, but can cause some serious health problems after the flood.

Most everyone is familiar with the potential health problems associated with mold as it relates to flooding and water damage, but there are a few other nasty health concerns that you need to be aware of also. 

During the holiday season, we dress our homes in their finest, using sparkling lights, scented candles, decorated wreaths, and Christmas trees adorned with treasures. Unfortunately, according to the National Fire Protection Association, Christmas trees—both real and artificial—were instrumental in an estimated 300 reported home structure fires per year since 2000. 

The existence of mold in your home or business presents both health hazards and a risk to materials and personal belongings.

Mold is dangerous due to its ease of growth. Most molds grow naturally outdoors and can be easily carried into buildings through open windows, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as on pets, clothing, or shoes.

Once indoors, molds grow easily, needing nothing but moisture and a food source such as lint, ceiling tiles, drywall, insulation, carpets, upholstery or wood.

Health Hazards of Mold

Mold sensitivity is non-specific and depends on the type of mold present, the amount and degree of exposure, and the health condition of the occupant.